• Gel Removal: Must be booked if needed. We do not provide removal services for dip gel, powder gel, SNS, or acrylics. You may face fees if an appointment is cancelled.

  • Nail Art: Visit the "nails" tab in booking tool. Must be booked with a mani or pedi & booked with the same person performing your service.

  • Cancellations: 50% fee for cancellations made same day as appointment. We will try our best to rebook you that day if enough notice is given; thus avoiding any fees!

  • No Shows: 100% service charge. No shows are charged within 15 minutes of appointment start time. 

  • Mylkbar Rescheduling Policy: Reservations rebooked due to natural disasters, or inclement weather, will be rebooked at no penalty to Mylkbar.

  • Arrival: Please arrive 5 minutes early. We must start appointments on time -- this includes your color selection process.

  • Children: Ages 12 and under applicable for Mylkmini services. Infants welcome in car seats. No gel services available for kids. 

  • Repairs: Repairs will be done within reason. Please email hello@mylk.bar to request a repair within 48 hours of service. Any scheduled repair may not be rebooked. We do not offer refunds in lieu of repairs. Any repairs done outside of this window may incur a fee.


  • What makes Mylkbar different? Mylkbar is a first of a kind eco-friendly nail and beauty concept. Not only do we provide the cleanest possible service, we strive to use the best available nontoxic polishes and products. We pride ourselves on being fume-free and safe for the whole family to enjoy! Our salon standard is to offer polishes that are 6-free or better, which means they are free of the 6 most toxic chemicals found in typical nail polishes.

  • Who are you guys? Mylkbar is a team of professionals with our flagship location headquartered in Charleston, SC. Mylkbar was started by local business woman, Katie Shields, who has grown up with a passion for a nontoxic lifestyle with a strong side of artistic expression, which can be seen in our decor.  

  • Why don't you offer dip gels, acrylics, SNS, etc? We believe that these products are harmful to employees, clients, and the environment. The adhesives used, which are essentially the same chemicals used in super glue, require an aggressive removal process. We believe drills, and aggressive removal, are damaging to natural nails.

  • Why don't you remove any of the above? We prefer to leave that process to the folks who applied the fake composite, nail, etc. Oftentimes a drill is required, which is very damaging to the nail. It is best to avoid these types of products altogether.

  • May I book a party at Mylkbar? Absolutely! We love weddings, bachelorettes, baby showers, and birthdays! Group appointments of up to 5 people may be booked online. Large groups must email us directly to ensure we can accommodate. Fees may apply.

  • May I bring my own polish to Mylkbar? While we prefer that clients use our polishes, we understand strong preferences. Should you decide to bring your own polish, please strive for "6 free" or better as this is the standard within our salon. 

  • What polishes do you use at Mylkbar? We carry RMS, Ten Over Ten, Floss Gloss, NCLA, Smith and Cult, CND Creative Play and Zoya. We have over 250 colors regular polish to choose from and over 70 gel colors. If you have allergies, or specific questions about ingredients, please click on each brand's link and do the research as we do not have the bandwidth to review 30+ ingredients from multiple manufacturers over the phone or email. While we always remain sensitive to clients with allergies, we ask that you do the research yourself on the brands we carry and determine if they are a good fit for you. You are always welcome to bring in your own non-toxic polish should you prefer to do so:) 

  • What beauty brands and cosmetics do you use for beauty services at Mylkbar? We love Leahlani Skincare, which is a handcrafted brand of organic skincare made in Hawaii. We also carry Beautycounter, which has revolutionized nontoxic skincare and makeup applications.

  • How do I book multiple appointments? Go to book online, select me + however many guests are in your party. Click add service for each guest. All services (with exception of add-ons) will be displayed in your final cart. 

  • What type of curing lights do you use? We use LED curing lights, which take longer, but are less harmful than UV lights.

  • How do I purchase a gift certificate? Please visit us in the studio or call. We are working on online gift certificates. 

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